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$32.00 ​per Dozen

Heath bar...Chocolate cake filled with butterscotch buttercream, frosted with chocolate buttercream with toffee bits

Razzberry...Chocolate cake filled with raspberry buttercream, topped with chocolate buttercream

OH MY Strawberry Pie...Vanilla cake filled with strawberry preserves filling, topped with vanilla buttercream

Chocolate dipped Strawberry...Chocolate cake... strawberry buttercream and Fresh Chocolate covered Strawberry

Nutella Treat...Nutella filled (hazelnut) chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut buttercream

Oh my goodness Cherry pie...Vanilla cake filled with cherry pie preserves topped with vanilla buttercream

Raspberry Bonnet...White chocolate cake filled with raspberry preserves and white chocolate buttercream

Fluffy Nutty...Vanilla cake filled with marshmallow cream topped with PB buttercream and marshmallows

PB&J...Vanilla cake filled with strawberry preserves and topped with peanut butter buttercream

Vanilla Fudge...Vanilla cake filled with chocolate fudge, topped with vanilla buttercream


All flavors 100% Alcohol Free

$36.00 per Dozen

Black and Tan...Chocolate cake with Bailey's Irish Creme flavored buttercream

Chocolate Cabernet...Chocolate cake topped with Cabernet wine flavored buttercream

Gran Marnier...Chocolate cake baked with Gran Marnier flavorings, topped with Chocolate buttercream, chocolate drizzle

Ladies Night...Red Velvet cake topped with Cabernet wine flavored buttercream

Irish Pattie...Creme de Menthe flavored chocolate cake with Irish Cream flavored buttercream and chocolate drizzle

Lady Godiva...Dark Chocolate cake baked with Chocolate flavored liquor topped with chocolate buttercream & drizzle

Monkey time...Dark chocolate cake topped with banana flavored liquor buttercream

Mudslide...Rich, dark Chocolate cake with Kahula flavorings, topped with Baileys Irish Cream flavored buttercream

Tipsy Butterfinger...Chocolate cake baked with Butterscotch flavored liquor, topped with chocolate buttercream, Butterfinger bits

Kahlua and Cream...Dark chocolate cake baked with Kahula flavoring and topped with whipped java buttercream

Peanut butter Mudslide...Peanut butter cake baked with Irish Cream flavoring , Kahula flavoring and topped with Chocolate buttercream

Flaming Snickerdoodle...Vanilla cake with Fireball flavored cinnamon buttercream, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar

Hard Lemonade...Lemon zest cake baked with Limoncello flavoring, and topped with lemon buttercream

Margarita...Lime cake topped with tequilla-lime flavored buttercream and a traditional salted edge

Orange Crush...Zesty Orange cake with orange flavored liquor and orange zest buttercream

Strawberry Margarita...Strawberry cake topped with tequilla-lime flavored  buttercream and sea salt

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